In conjunction with production work Through the Looking Glass Productions provide curriculum and training support.


If you are at school, college or university and are seeking advice regarding progression, development or maybe a pesky assignment please get in touch either via our email or at our facebook site.

In time will add more direct online resources for you, in the interim please contact us to see if we can help.

Advice and guidance is always free! 


Our workshops, resources and lectures are specifically geared toward the demands of level 2, 3 and 4 syllabi. We can provide:

  • Specialist practical workshops.
  • Teaching resources.
  • Assignment and exam support.
  • Lecture and debate opportunities.

Recognizing that each school and institution's students and creative interpretation of the curriculum is unique, Through the Looking Glass Productions custom package approach ensures an affordable quality delivery of the curriculum based upon your consultation and subsequent approval.

These programmes are composed by an ARTIS (education through theatre) specialist, and a director and acting tutor in consultation with other professionals. The team has several years experience designing and delivering assignments and resources at level 2, 3, and 4.

Learners are able to access the rehearsal process and resources as well as a forum to engage with the company directly.

To discuss your requirements and how Through the Looking Glass Productions may fit with your learning objectives please contact us.

Professional Development

Through the Looking Glass Productions are able to provide either group or individual skills enhancement. Examples of what we can provide:

  • Public speaking/presentation coaching.
  • Theory into action.
  • Audition guidance and specialist theatre skills development (for both existing and aspiring professionals).
  • Script reading and development.
  • Production shadowing.

We approach each request on it's individual circumstances, for example a group skills session in public speaking would be subject to a fee but an individual involved in production shadowing would not.

To discuss your requirements, or how we may best be able to support your development, please get in touch. If we are unable to fulfill your criteria directly we should be able to provide a recommendation to someone who can.